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NRA Basic Pistol Course


 Basic Pistol:

Class Level: Beginner

This course is an NRA structured pistol proficiency course for beginners. It’s designed to educate students that are fairly new or inexperienced to the area of firearms. 


After your Basic Pistol course you will know how to:


  • Safely handle a firearm at all times 

  • Understand the basic functions of how a pistol works  

  • Know the difference between a semi-automatic pistol and a revolver

  • Shoot with proper stance, grip and trigger control 

  • Proper maintenance and cleaning of a pistol 

  • Basic potential malfunctions and how to be safe when they happen 

  • Be comfortable with the handling and use of a pistol on your own safely


Our basic pistol course will leave you confident and comfortable with basic training and knowledge, and the confidence to shoot safely. This class lasts about 1 and 1/2 hours of time. You will spend roughly about 1 hour in the classroom and hands on training inside the range for around 30 minutes of shooting time where we will give you tips and really improve your shooting technique and ability. 


You may use your own firearm if you would like, or this class includes borrowing one of our rental pistols. Ammo is the only item that is not included in classes. 

To schedule now, please call us at 720-898-0267

Cost is:

$125 for non-members 

$105 for members 

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