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Home Defense Course


Home Defense:

Class Level: Intermediate


 Our home defense class is designed to teach you to understand the best way to defend yourself and loved ones inside your home. This class is for students who already understand the basic functions of a firearm and want to learn how to create a secure and safe environment inside of their home. 


In your home defense class you will learn:


  • Firearm safety inside your home 

  • Home dynamics of different firearm types and when they are best used 

  • Ammunition types inside of your home

  • Safely storing and accessing your firearms and other security products 

  • Creating a home defense plan in case of an emergency 

  • Cover vs. Concealment and usage 

  • Drills with target movement 

  • Safely moving within your own home

  • Security circles


We want you to feel completely safe at all times within the confines of your home. It’s where you live and where you spend your time, you should never feel like you are in danger! After all, your home is your castle. It’s your fortress and we believe you should know exactly how to defend it from any intruder. 


This class is one session for a duration of about 2 hours. You are encouraged to bring your own firearm, but you are welcome to use one of our rentals included in the class. Ammunition is the only thing sold separately. Targets, Eye protection and Ear protection are all included. 



Cost is:

$150 for non-members 

$135 for members 

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