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Tactical Shotgun course


Tactical Shotgun:

Class Level: Advanced


 This course is a high level intensive class for you to become proficient with a shotgun and get the tactical advantage. Our goal in this class to show you how to go beyond just being comfortable shooting with a shotgun, but also to be confident and knowledgeable when your rifle is with you whether it’s your home, emergency or just personal defense. We want you to know how to live in a life or death situation. 


In your tactical shotgun course you will:


  • Safely handle a firearm at all times 

  • Improve your basic fundamentals of shooting to make you more comfortable 

  • Understand and use the different ready and carrying positions of your shotgun as well as using a sling (if able) 

  • Learn multiple types of reloads for emergency and tactical situations

  • Learn to properly use and choose different ammo choices and options in any given situation

  • Be confident in clearing the main types of malfunctions so that you don’t ever get “stuck” 

  • Learn and use multiple different stances for different situations to best protect yourself

  • Learn how to shoot against multiple assailants and switch targets

  • Know exactly what to do after an incident to protect yourself in the best possible way. 


-  And much more!


 Our Tactical Shotgun course will leave you confident in your abilities to defend yourself and loved ones. This is a multi day class. We want you to estimate for about 3 separate sessions of about 2 hours each. You will shoot at least 50 shells over the course of the class, usually more. You will shoot anywhere between 3.5 yards - 25 yards out. You may bring your own shells or purchase ours. You will need to pass a test at the end of your class (if you do not pass we will keep working with you free of charge).



You may use your own firearm if you would like, or this class includes the use of our rental shotgun if you want to try something different. We recommend your own firearm if you have one to get used to the comfortability of using it. Ammo is the only item that is not included in classes. Eye and ear protection is provided to borrow upon request and all targets are provided by us. 


The equipment checklist is as follows:

  • Firearm (if you have your own)

  • Magazines (Mandatory if bringing your own semi automatic shotgun at least a total of 2 magazines)

  • Belt (mandatory, if you have a semi automatic shotgun) 

  • Notebook (for taking notes)

  • Sling (if you have one, if not we may or may not have an option that fits your firearm. Your shotgun may not have the option to use a sling) 

  • Magazine Pouch (if you have one, if not we may or may not have an option that will fit your magazine. This only applies if you have a semi automatic shotgun) 

  • Ammunition (if you have your own, if not it may be purchased in store)


If you have any questions or concerns, after you book your class, please call the range at: 720-898-0267

An instructor will be able to answer any questions and make sure you have all necessary equipment for the class. 


We want to make you a confident and knowledgeable firearm user!


Cost is:

$175 for non-members 

$145 for members 

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