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Our Facility


We have five shooting lanes with electric target carriers that go out to a distance of 25 yards each. Rather than having to wait for a "cease fire" in order to retrieve your target, you simply bring your individual target back to you with the flick of the switch.


We maintain good ventilation in our facility to make a more pleasant and healthy shooting experience. We have directional fans behind the firing line that blow gun smoke and airborne lead particles downrange into a series of 3 smoke eater filtration systems, then further down range into the high power suction filtration system built into the backstop. In the lobby and classroom we have additional smoke and lead filtration systems for your health, safety and comfort.  


At the Silver Bullet we allow pistols, shotguns and rifles up to 30-06 or equivalent (2981 ft/lbs). We sell most calibers of full metal jacket pistol cartridges for use here in our range or to go. You may shoot your own ammo after it has been inspected by a Range Officer.

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