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Below is an interactive map of our range, click this icon:            to get information about different parts of the range. 

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  • What kind of ammo can I bring to shoot?
    Hangun and rifle calibers: Anything brass or nickel cased that has a lead projectile (wont stick to a magnet) FMJ is ok Hollow Points are ok Exposed Lead bullets are ok Shotguns: If it has lead projectiles it is ok. Bird, buck, and slug, are all okay Whats not ok: Steel case or core Alunimum case Traces, Incindiaries, Armor Penatrating Steel shot (shotgun rounds) Fire breathing shotgun rounds
  • Can I draw from holster?
    Yes you can! When you come in ask a range officer, they will ask you to show them your draw (empty chamber) on the range and as long as you are safe you will be allowed to.
  • How can I tell if my ammo has a lead projectile?
    You can see if your ammo sticks to a magnet, if it does then it will not be allowed on the range. When you come in, a range officer will always check your ammo with a magnet so if you do not have access to one we can help.
  • Do you have ammunition for sale?
    Depending on the caliber and our stock, we try to keep our shelves full on all of the more common calibers and occasionally some uncommon rounds. With the shortages on ammunition, it would be best to call and see if we have what you need on our shelf.
  • Do you buy or trade guns?
    We do NOT do trades! However, we do consignments. We can certainly help you sell any firearms you no longer want. We can (under the right conditions) buy a firearm from you. If that interests you, please bring your firearm into us and we can take a look. Make sure its clean to get the best estimate on value.
  • How old does someone have to be to shoot there?
    To bring a rifle you need to be 18+ and for a handgun you need to be 21+ If you are bringing someone underage and you meet the above requirements you must accept full responsibility for them if you want them to shoot. They will be held under the same requirements as adults; reading and adhering to ALL range rules and safety rules.
  • Can I shoot my Rifle or Shotgun there?
    Yes! We allow shotguns to shoot any load as long as it is a lead projectile. We allow rifles calibers up to 30-06 energy (2913 foot pounds of energy) Check our range rules to view a list of popular calibers that are not permitted inside our range.
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