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Youth Safety Class



Youth class:


 This course is for youth ages 8-16 to learn basics of shooting and handling a firearm with a very large emphasis on safety and proper use. 

This is a very basic class to get younger children or teens more comfortable and to understand firearms a little better.


They will be in the classroom with an instructor for about 1 hour to learn safety, proper use, basic functions and overall get more comfortable with firearms. Afterwards they will head inside the range to shoot for about 1/2 an hour. 


Parents are more then welcome to sit in on a youth class with their child free of charge. 


If you have a firearm of your own as a parent that you would like to bring in you are more than welcome to do so, otherwise we will be using some of our rental guns to give different examples. Rental guns are included in the class, ammunition is the only thing not included. 


Your child will leave here feeling comfortable and gain knowledge that even more adults are ignorant of!



Cost is:

$125 for non-members 

$105 for members 

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